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Auction Ghar is India’s No.1 bank auction properties platform.  At Auction Ghar we deal in wide range of auction properties of banks, Home Finance Cos and NBFCs. The customer will have the choice to choose from these properties. We deal in verified properties only.

Banks and Financial Institutions provide loans to customers for purchase of  residential properties, commercial properties, lands, and movable properties like automobiles etc., and to meet working capital requirements of Large, Small & Medium businesses. At the time of giving loans, banks & financial institutions insist for hypothecation or mortgage of properties as collateral security. This is to secure the loans with a condition that the borrowers have to promptly service their EMI/Interest as per the sanction terms and conditions.

In some circumstances the borrowers fail to repay the outstanding dues in spite of reminders owing to various internal and external financial conditions. The loan accounts of such borrowers are classified as NPA(Non-Performing Assets) as per RBI Norms and the properties are repossessed and put up for auction sale.

Every year, thousands of properties are auctioned across India by Banks, Housing Finance Cos, NBFCs, Financial Institutions to recover their bad loans. The properties hypothecated or mortgaged are taken into possession by the Authorised Officers appointed by the lenders in exercise of powers conferred through SARFAESI Act. The properties are thereafter put up for auction sale by way of Public Auction Sale Notice.

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To create the most compelling auction platform of the 21st century based on the foundation of knowledge, technology and innovation.

Founded by ex-bankers with a rebellious spirit and lofty objectives. To offer properties at revolutionary price, thereby getting in about liquidity for socially and economically conscious businesses.


To unlock the realistic worth of all assets by creating value to all stake holders, including prospective buyers, sellers and institutions.
We believe that buying auction properties should be easy and smooth. It should leave you happy and satisfied, with substantial savings for your pockets.
We have been founded on the belief that circumstances shouldn’t erode the value of the assets. Our goal is to change the way people think about auctions by delivering value addition and experience at radically fair prices.


There has been a paradigm shift in the customer’s perceptive about auction assets. Increasingly more and more customers are showing interest in purchase of auction  properties. However the recoveries through Auction Sale is low. The financial institutions have been struggling to recover the total outstanding dues through auction sale.

Auction Ghar, part of the Good Rock Technology Services company where the team of Banking experts understand the challenges both the financial institutions and propspective buyers are facing in the entire auction sale process.

The Founding Members at Auction Ghar with their vast experience of around 15 years in Banking, Finance and deeper understanding of the liquidation process of various assets have come together to help Banks, Housing Finance Cos, NBFCs and customers in unlocking the real value of the underlying assets through Technology and services. Some of the services that are provided by Auction Ghar are:

Complete Auction Details

Home renovation services

Dedicated Relationship Manager

Full information of property

Information on Pending dues, if any

Social Media Posts - Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

Pictures & video footages of properties

Legal Services

Financing options


Auction Ghar offers wide range of auction properties, vehicles, etc., with a whole bouquet of comprehensively tailored services to help buyers fulfil their dreams of owning a property or assets at affordable prices. Our years of research and expertise in the financial sector help us provide our clients, ie., Banks, HFCs, NBFCs, extended services in easy selling of the distressed assets every time with better realization in every sale through a transparent and verified process.

One Stop Solution for all your auction property needs.

Complete Auction Details


Home Renovation Services

Legal Services

Dedicated Relationship Manager

Financing Options

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